Tactical Belt Quick Release


Item Name AWMN S05-2 125cm 3.8cm Nylon Military Tactical Belt
Material High quality breathable nylon + Zine cobra buckle
Gender Unisex
Weight 200g
Belt Size 128cm x 3.8cm (Length x Width)
Buckle Size 6cm x 5cm (Length x Width)

HEAVY DUTY BUCKLE: This belt features a military belt buckle made from heavy-duty metal. 
QUICK RELEASE: It will show the intuitive and smooth quick release functionality when you push the golden tabs down at the same time. 
HIGH QUALITY BELT: Made from 1000 D environmental friendly nylon material, soft and comfortable for daily use. 
More Use Of The Environment:
Secret Service Task
The Rescue Work
Daily Commuting
Convenient Quickly Unlock:
Cobra Buckle
Quick Release
Simple Adjustment
Quickdraws system, Ergonomic design, Easy to wear off
Buckle uses zinc alloy, solid not make public

Applied Commuter Tactical Belt
Quick Release Cobra Buckle 
Breathable & Safe 
Durable Nylon 
Slanted Cutting Process
Package Includes:
1 x AWMN S05-2 Nylon Military Tactical Belt 

Note: AWMN S05-2 and AWMN S05 are different in belt texture and buckle color.
AWMN S05-2 (3.8cm-W) and AWMN S04(3.2cm-W) are different in width of belt.