Tactical Belt Quick Release



  1. This belt features a military belt buckle made from heavy-duty metal. 
  2. It will show the intuitive and smooth quick release functionality when you push the golden tabs down at the same time. 
  3. Belt Made from 1000 D environmental friendly nylon material, soft and comfortable for daily use. 

More Use of the Environment:

  1. Secret Service Task
  2. The Rescue Work
  3. Adventure
  4. Daily Commuting

Convenient Quickly Unlock:

  1. Cobra Buckle
  2. Quick Release
  3. Simple Adjustment
  4. Quickdraws system, Ergonomic design, Easy to wear off
  5. Buckle uses zinc alloy, solid not make public

Quick Release Cobra Buckle: 

  1. Breathable & Safe 
  2. Durable Nylon 
  3. Slanted Cutting Process


Item Name AWMN S05-2 125cm 3.8cm Nylon Military Tactical Belt
Material High-quality breathable nylon + Zine cobra buckle
Gender Unisex
Weight 200g
Belt Size 128cm x 3.8cm (Length x Width)
Buckle Size 6cm x 5cm (Length x Width)

Package Includes:

1 x AWMN S05-2 Nylon Tactical Belt Quick Release


  1. AWMN S05-2 and AWMN S05 are different in belt texture and buckle color.
  2. AWMN S05-2 (3.8cm-W) and AWMN S04(3.2cm-W) are different in width of the belt.