Silk Hammock


Material Polyester silk fabric
Size 190 x 130cm
Color Green
Weight 500g

1.High Quality  Polyester Silk Fabric: Our hammocks are made of high quality parachute silk fabric and it is strong enough to bear even two normal-weight adults.
2.Easy clean and quick dry Material.Our hammocks can be easily washed-up with hand and be dry quickly. So even it is rainy when you have a rest on it, you can also pack it up after several minute by exposing it under the sun directly.
3.Broad application: It is popular among backpackers, camper enthusiasts, beach travelers and outdoor explorers who can have a rest or sleep on it after a long Hiking. All the accessories can be fitted conveniently onto one integrated stuff sack, making it portable and easy to pack for all outdoor adventures as well as having a rest in your garden.

Package Included: