3W Camping Light USB Rechargeable Tent Lamp


Material ABS plastic
Type A: Power by battery
B: Rechargeable
Power source A: 3 x AAA batteries (NOT included)
B: Rechargeable (Built in 1800mAh rechargeable lithium battery)
Lumens A: 180 LM
B: 300 LM
Light source A: 3 LED
B: 5 LED
LED power 3W
Distance 15m / 5.91inch
Light color Warm white
5-mode High / middle / low / strobe / SOS
Switch Top press switch
Weight 123g

Lightweight, compact and durable.
Magnetic, can adsorption in the walls of iron.
Equipped with a flexible handle, easy to hang or carry around.
Lightweight and portable LED lantern light is great for illuminating a campsite or dimly light work area.
A handy item to have on a camping trip, or even to keep in the car on a road trip.