4- layer Fishing Tackle Box


Material PP & ABS 
Color Grey+Dark Grey+Transparent
Dimension 27cmx 26cmx 17cm/10.63"x10.24"x6.69"
Weight  About 1.3Kg
Portable and high capacity.
Double layer design,with four 4 trays.
Can be used as a chair, withstand the weight of 25kg.
High temperature or sea wate will not make any effect on the box and deform.
The internal plug-ins can be assembled arbitrarily.
High strength, drop type, portable, with 4 movable bait box.
Built-in 4 transparent cartridge, you can put some pieces of small parts, can also be used out alone,
so that the lower part of the sub-tank into a whole, to further expand its use of space.
Fishing box small cover open, you can directly pick and place items, easy to use.
Reasonable pattern design, fine appearance, strong and durable more durable, long service life.
Package Included :
1 x Tackle Box