Carbon Fiber Trekking Pole


Brand Xmund
Model  XD-TK1
 Material Carbon fiber
Size 135cm/53" (max.), 66cm/26" (min.)
Color Blue, Gold

- This 3-section adjustable telescopic pole with ergonomic design, it's very comfortable and safe to use.
- Rubber handle and with soft sponge, very comfortable to hold.
- Anti-shock spring mechanism reduces strains on hands and wrist.
- Durable and adjustable wrist straps.
- Removable trekking (mud/snow) basket to prevent it from sinking into soft dirt or sand.
- Manganese steel tip with removable rubber ferrule, protect the hiking stick.
- Made of lightweight aluminum metal, strong and light weighted.
- Spring shock absorber, spiral triple locked. Light weight, easy to carry.
  suitable for climbing, hiking, skiing and other outdoor activities.