Gas Tank Coupler


Material Aluminum alloy
Length 16mm / 0.63 inch
Diameter 10mm / 0.39 inch
Colour Silver
Weight 2g

Light weight, easy to carry

Can fill your flat gas tank from liquefied gas cylinder with it
Safe and easy to control
Great accessory for outdoor camping burner, picnic burner, etc

Operating Instructions:
1.First you need prepare a inflatable valve, a empty flat tank, a electronic scale, and a liquefied gas cylinder.
2.Before gas charging please make sure that flat tank connection valve is closed.
3.Connect the liquefied gas cylinder interface to the cylinder, unscrew the cylinder valve and check whether there is gas escaping.
4.Make the liquefied gas cylinder lie down or upside down,and connect empty flat tank to flat tank. Then you can put the connected flat tank on the    scale to facilitate real-time measurement of air,be sure flat tank ≤ 340g.
5.Open the liquefied gas cylinder knob.
6.Please shut all the valves after gas charging and remove the flat tank, gas charging is accomplished.

Package Included:
1 x Gas Tank Coupler
Note:Tank and bottle are not included