Pocket Picnic Mat


Name Pocket picnic mat
Material Waterproof coating nylon cloth
Color Red, orange, blue, green, black
Weight 146g
Size 140 * 152CM (open size)
  10 * 13 * 3 CM (folding size)

1. Small and lightweight, easy to carry after folding.
2. With a portable ribbon, easy to take out.
3. Super soft fabric, resistant to dirt
4. Bottom cloth with waterproof PE film, waterproof.

Widely used:
1. Outdoors: can be used for picnic mats, beach mats, moisture mats;
2. At home: can be used for children crawling mat, game pad, sleeping pad

The product does not include hooks, spikes and earth rings

Package Includes:
1 x Pocket Picnic Mat