Cooking Stove


Brand Xmund
Model XD-ST1
Base Material Aluminium Alloy
Plate&Frame Stainless Steel
Middle Post Copper
Fuel Type Butane/Propane
Gas Consumption 140g/h
Combustion Power 3000W(1L water boiling time for about 2min58s)
Max Load Bearing 2.6kg
Fit People 1-2 Persons
Unfold Size Φ85 x 69mm/3.34 x 2.71inch
Folding Size Φ33 x 52mm/1.29 x 2.04inch
Package Size 40 x 40 x 60mm/1.57 x 1.57 x 2.36inch
Net Weight 45g
Scope of application Extreme adventure, Camping, Picnic, Leisure etc.

Ultra-light and portable, easy to carry outdoors.
High-speed flame, sufficient burning and energy saving.
Comact and handy size, strong load bearing capacity.
1. Check the furnace head and the tank at the junction of the rubber ring is intact, and make sure the valve is in the closed state.
2. The furnace head in a clockwise direction is fixed in the tank, to confirm whether the tight.
3. Open the support and make it complete.
4. Turn the valve to adjust the switch, to a small amount of gas emitted and heard the sound, and then close the valve and light, and then to adjust the size you need.
5. Close the flame regulating valve, the flame is extinguished after cooling the gas stove waiting, unscrew the back foot stove.
Important Notice: The high altitude or the tank pressure is too large, the first to open a small fire, put the pot and then open fire.

Children are prohibited from use! When using the furnace body temperature is higher, beware of burns! Please use in outdoor ventilated place.

Package Included:
1 x Camping Stove (Gas cylinder is not included)